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Logo for your company in a vector format
Denis Williams
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151 days ago

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Design logos


Image generators

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Use with AI:

ChatGPT from OpenAI

Description or instructions

With this prompt you can quickly and easily make a logo for your company in a vector format with the possibility of editing. 

This action consists of several steps.

Step 1 

Use DALL-E 3 on the Open AI website or in Bing Chat from the prompt below, or try to get the result directly from the Mindpix website just click "Try this prompt"

Step 2 

Save the generated image to your computer, whether it's an illustration or a logo, in the highest possible quality.

Find any "Image to Vector service" and upload your image there.

I use https://vectorizer.ai

Download SVG or EPS vector format 

Step 3

Open in any online editor like Adobe or Microsoft Designer and add your company name.

Here is the link to my SVG File


create cute & adorable monsters character, with simple color 2D vector, white background