What can do:

theGist is an AI startup that provides an enterprise workspace with a unified priority feed, personal chat, and an AI assistant. This workspace has been designed to enhance productivity in companies by providing a singular platform for work operations and ensuring all work apps and tools are within immediate reach.

The company is used by leading teams worldwide and holds security and privacy as a crucial aspect of their operations. Through smart and intelligent interfaces such as a unified inbox, it allows users to receive all communications in one spot, eliminating the need to switch contexts frequently.

Furthermore, theGist provides tailored AI insights to steer users to what's most important work-wise, ensuring peak productivity levels.

Key Features

  1. Unified AI workspace: A singular platform that contains all tools and apps required for work.
  2. Priority feed: Uses AI algorithms to prioritize work and alert the user to important tasks.
  3. Personal chat: A connected chat system that users can use to communicate across teams.
  4. AI assistant: An AI assistant to provide support and guidance when required.
  5. Security and Privacy: A comprehensive security and privacy setup, keeping user data safe and secure.

Use Cases

  1. Maximizing productivity: By providing a unified workspace, users don't have to switch contexts, maximizing productivity.
  2. Centralized communication: By ensuring all communications and notifications are accessible in a single workspace.
  3. AI-based prioritization: Helps in prioritizing important tasks, ensuring important work is not missed.
  4. Cybersecurity: With Soc2 type2 compliance, the workspace guarantees user's security and privacy.
  5. Personalize experience: Tailored AI insights that guide users to crucial tasks.

Prompt type:

Automate work processes


theGist offers a unified AI workspace for enterprises, designed to increase productivity. It includes features like a prioritized feed, personal chat and AI assistance. The platform consolidates all work apps, communications, and notifications into one AI-powered workspace.