scite: see how research has been cited

What can do:

Brooklyn-based company called scite that focuses on helping researchers discover and evaluate scientific articles through their platform called Smart Citations. Smart Citations provide the context of a citation and classify whether it provides supporting or contrasting evidence for the cited claim. The platform has gained recognition and is trusted by leading universities, publishers, and corporations worldwide.

Top 5 Benefits

  1. Efficient Research Evaluation: Researchers, students, and research evaluators can easily find relevant and well-supported results by seeing how research has been cited in one place.
  2. Surface Interesting Debates: By searching scite's unique database of Citation Statements, users can surface interesting debates in topics of interest.
  3. Evaluate References: Users can evaluate references to see if they have been retracted, heavily contrasted, or if they have editorial notices, saving them time and ensuring the reliability of their sources.
  4. Save Time in Literature Searches: scite allows users to see how papers are classified on whether they find supporting or contrasting evidence, making it easier to place a scientific paper in the context of the wider literature.
  5. Visualize Research Relationships: Through scite's interactive visualizations, users can discover and evaluate how articles cite each other, providing a comprehensive understanding of research relationships.

Top 5 Use Cases

  1. Research Outcome Improvement: Universities and governments can track and improve research outcomes across their organizations, ensuring reliable and well-supported results.
  2. Stay Informed on Drug Development: Corporate, Pharma, and Enterprise users can stay on top of drug development, efficacy, and clinical trials, allowing them to make informed decisions.
  3. Enhance Publication Discoverability: Publishers can improve the discoverability of their publications and support their authors by leveraging scite's Smart Citations.
  4. Evaluate Researchers in Parkinson's Disease: Researchers in the field of Parkinson's disease can find highly supported researchers, enabling collaboration and strengthening the quality of research.
  5. Fact Checking and Source Evaluation: Users can use scite to verify claims made by language models like ChatGPT, find expert analyses and opinions on any topic, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of their sources.

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Is a platform that allows users to see how research articles have been cited, providing context and indicating whether they support or contrast the cited claim. It offers features such as citation searches, evaluating groups of articles, exploring journals and institutions, and visualizing research.

Origin: New York, US