What can do: is an AI startup focused on providing learning guides and paths for developers. The company aims to create a community to share various roadmaps, guides and articles to assist developers in their learning journey. It also offers an AI Roadmap Generator feature that allows users to generate visual learning paths. has community-created roles and skill-based roadmaps, emphasizing on different areas in the tech industry.

Key Features

  1. Role-Based Roadmaps: The startup provides roadmaps for different roles, such as Frontend, Backend, Full stack, AI and Data Science, etc.
  2. Skill-Based Roadmaps: Roadmaps are also provided based on specific skills, like React, TypeScript, Python etc.
  3. Best Practices: It shares the best practices for things like Backend & Frontend Performance, API Security etc.
  4. Guides: The startup offers in-depth guides on different tech subjects.
  5. AI Roadmap Generator: A feature enabling users to generate custom visual roadmaps.

Use Cases

  1. A frontend developer can follow a roadmap to improve his/her skills and progress in career.
  2. An aspiring data scientist can follow a specifically designed roadmap to learn and grow in the field.
  3. Developers can use the 'best practices' feature to help avoid common mistakes and implement tried and tested strategies in their work.
  4. The startup provides in-depth guides which developers can use to delve deeper into a topic of interest and expand their knowledge.
  5. Developers looking for a specific learning path can generate a custom roadmap catering to their needs using the AI Roadmap Generator.

Prompt type:

Create personalized learning plan, Programming, Learn Anything Now

Media Type:

Summary: contains community-curated roadmaps, study plans, paths, and resources for developers. There are role-based roadmaps, listing skills you should know for any given role, as well as skill-based roadmaps listing items to learn for any given skill.

Origin: Dubai