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What can do:

eluna.ai is an AI startup that offers a range of services powered by Generative AI technology. Their services aim to enhance creativity, productivity, and workflow efficiency. With a focus on image generation, they provide users with a variety of AI-powered tools and models to create unique and stunning images. Additionally, they foster a community of creators, enabling collaboration and feedback exchange. eluna.ai also offers a subscription-based pricing model with transparent options to cater to different user needs.


  1. AI-Powered Image Generation: eluna.ai provides a range of models to help users create resonating and visually appealing images. These models allow creativity to flourish by generating different styles and artistic variations.
  2. Inspiring Prompts: Users can easily create prompts or ideas to inspire the AI models in generating stunning images. This feature enables users to explore and experiment with various concepts and themes.
  3. Templates for Efficiency: The platform offers a collection of pre-designed templates that can be quickly reused, saving time and effort in the image creation process.
  4. Community Engagement: eluna.ai encourages users to connect with like-minded individuals and collaborate within a community-based platform. Users can showcase their creativity, receive feedback, and collaborate on image projects with other community members.
  5. Transparent and Flexible Pricing: The startup offers simple and transparent pricing options, including monthly and yearly subscription tiers. Users also have the flexibility to purchase individual credits for their specific project needs.

Use Cases:

  1. Creative Image Production: Artists and designers can leverage eluna.ai's AI models and tools to generate unique visuals for various purposes such as digital artwork, social media graphics, and website illustrations.
  2. Brand Building: By joining the community and sharing their favorite images, businesses and individuals can build a distinct brand identity and engage with a wider audience.
  3. Time-Saving Design: Professionals who require quick and efficient image creation, such as marketers and content creators, can benefit from eluna.ai's templates and prompt-based generation to streamline their design workflow.
  4. Collaboration and Feedback: eluna.ai provides a platform for creators to collaborate on image projects, allowing for feedback exchange, idea enhancement, and skill improvement within the community.
  5. Cost-Effective Image Creation: With eluna.ai's accessible pricing options, individuals and small businesses can create stunning visuals without the need for expensive design software or hiring professional designers.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Build prompt


eluna.ai is an AI-powered platform that offers a range of tools and models to help users unleash their creativity and create unique and stunning images. It also provides a community for creators to connect and collaborate.