What can do:

Designstripe is an AI startup that offers automatic design creation for social media content. The platform uses AI to read and understand your brand from your website, creating a personalized brand kit to use across its services.

Key Features:

  1. One-click social media designs: The platform creates on-demand and on-brand social posts for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X immediately when you enter your website.
  2. Automatic brand kit: Instantly captures your brand's style, colors, and essence from your website URL.
  3. Smart in-browser editor: Allows for easy customizations to any generated designs, with no pro design skills needed.
  4. All platforms, automatically: Adapts your posts to every social media platform and their respective formats.
  5. In-depth business understanding: The AI system analyzes your website and social channels to understand your brand, products, and audience, then applies this understanding to all your posts.

Use Cases:

  1. Brand consistency: Maintain brand consistency across all social media platforms with automatic brand kit creation.
  2. Content Creation: Prompt-based generation of posts allows for regular posting on social media without needing to create new content every day manually.
  3. Post Customization: Customize your posts with an in-browser editor, customizing text and adding images to your designs.
  4. Auto-Resizing: Download your designs in all sizes, ready to post on different social platforms.
  5. Industry-specific posts: Get daily post suggestions related to your industry, products, seasonal trends, and news from the AI system.

Prompt type:

Create social media post, Create illustration, Content Creation

Media Type:


Designstripe aids users in creating social media posts with one-click designs. It involves options to create layouts, vector illustrations, 3D mockups, and animated illustrations; all customizable to reflect the brand's style.