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What can do: is a free and user-friendly AI startup that provides a service for converting text into images. The startup offers a Windows program that can be easily downloaded, installed, and run on any PC. With, users can write any text and the AI will create corresponding images. Users can create unlimited pictures for free and use them for various purposes, including commercial use. The startup focuses on making AI technology accessible to everyone and values user feedback. also ensures fast iterations, allowing users to explore their personal way towards the perfect picture. The program automatically checks if the user's PC meets the requirements, including Windows 10, a Nvidia graphics card (1XXX, 20XX, or 30XX), and 12 GB of disk space. The software implements Stable Diffusion AI from and the LStein repository. is developed using the free version of the Unity Game Engine and is open source.


  1. Text-to-image conversion: allows users to input any text and generates corresponding images.
  2. Easy installation: The startup provides a simple and hassle-free installation process for the Windows program.
  3. Free and unlimited usage: Users can create unlimited pictures for free and utilize them for various purposes, including commercial use.
  4. User-friendly interface: ensures ease of use and puts effort into making the program accessible to everyone.
  5. Fast iterations: Users can quickly and enjoyably explore different options to find the perfect picture with the help of

Use Cases:

  1. Design and advertising: can be used to quickly generate images for design projects, advertisements, and marketing materials.
  2. Social media content creation: Users can utilize to create eye-catching and unique images for their social media posts.
  3. Presentations and reports: The startup's service is beneficial for professionals who need visual content for presentations and reports.
  4. Website illustrations: can assist in generating compelling visuals for website banners, headers, and illustrations.
  5. Personal artwork creation: Individuals interested in creating their own artwork can use to bring their ideas to life without the need for advanced graphic design skills.

Prompt type:

Generate image

Summary: is an easy-to-install Windows program that allows you to create images from text. The AI-powered software is free and user-friendly, making it accessible for everyone. It uses Stable Diffusion AI technology and is developed with the Unity Game Engine.