What can do:

Yarnit is a comprehensive generative AI platform designed for personalized content creation. Combining the best of storytelling and AI technology, Yarnit offers speed, scale and customization aligned with brands and audiences. Its services empower businesses and teams to create remarkable content while ensuring faster content production, improved audience engagement, brand compliance and cost reduction.


  1. Idea Generation: Yarnit assists in generating unique and targeted blog topics, social media post ideas, and creative advertising campaign concepts.
  2. Content Writing: The platform offers tools that facilitate content writing, whether for a blog, social media post, or a digital advertisement.
  3. Design Creatives: It extends beyond generative AI capabilities by offering design templates and AI recommended stock images, music, and icons.
  4. Content Audit: Yarnit comes equipped with an AI-powered readability engine to gauge the impact of content on an audience.
  5. Publication: It also provides features for publishing content online.

Use Cases

  1. Content Marketing: Businesses can use Yarnit to ideate, write, design, and audit their content marketing campaigns.
  2. Performance Marketing: It assists in generating engaging ideas for performance advertising campaigns and the content associated with them.
  3. Brand Management: Yarnit enables businesses to generate content more aligned with their brand personality and style.
  4. Social Media Strategy: Teams can use Yarnit to generate ideas, write, and design social posts while also measuring their efficiency.
  5. Collaborative Creatives: Yarnit brings together multiple creative minds for seamless collaboration, content creation, and workflow management.

Prompt type:

Design creative, Creative Writing, Content Creation, Writing Enhancement, Branding Strategy Proposal

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Yarnit is a generative AI platform for personalized content creation. It combines Storytelling and AI technology to create content and creatives quickly and efficiently. Yarnit allows for ideation, writing, designing, auditing, and publishing of content all in one place.

Origin: Bangalore, Karnataka