What can do:

Xound.io is an AI-powered startup that offers a suite of audio enhancement services designed for content creators, podcasters, youtubers, tiktokers, and anyone seeking clear, high-quality audio. Their services largely cater to the needs of the digital media industry, helping creators to enhance the audio quality of their content by removing background noise, correcting pitch, and improving the overall sound quality.

Their services are automated, secure, and user-friendly, using AI technologies to ensure efficient and high-quality audio.

Key Features

  1. AI Voice Cleaner & Background Noise Removal: Uses AI-based algorithms for noise removal, ensuring crystal-clear communication and clean voice outputs.
  2. Natural Pitch Correction: Provides perfect in-tune vocals that sound as though they have never been processed.
  3. Enhanced Listening Experience: The system significantly improves the audio quality, reducing listener fatigue and providing a comfortable listening experience.
  4. High-Frequency Presence: The technology adds a touch of brightness to the voice, making it stand out against the background, thus enhancing the content's intelligibility.
  5. Dynamic Range Compression: The service compresses the audio's dynamic range for maintaining consistent volume levels, preventing listener fatigue, and keeping the audience engaged.

Use Cases

  1. Content Creation: Provides storytelling tools to filmmakers, podcasters, and digital creators, ensuring their message resonates clearly and effectively.
  2. Podcasting: Ensures every word, laugh, and emotion is captured with precision and clarity for podcasters, eliminating background noise, and glitches.
  3. Social Media Platforms: Normalizes loudness to ensure videos sound as good as they look, enhancing the audio quality on platforms like Youtube and Tiktok.
  4. WhatsApp Integration: Users can send their media files directly to Xound.io from WhatsApp, simplifying the process of audio quality improvement.
  5. Monetization: There are pricing tiers available including free, pay-per-use and pro unlimited processing to suit different users' needs and budgets.

Prompt type:

Multimedia Content Creation and Enhancement, Create audio


Xound.io, an AI-powered Voice Cleaner & Background Noise Removal tool, is designed for content creators, podcasters, and social media users. It provides clear communication, high accuracy & performance. Xound.io does not serve ads or share user data.

Origin: Munich, Bavaria