What can do:

Xembly is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup providing an AI productivity platform designed to streamline administrative tasks and boost organizational productivity. The platform features a personal AI executive assistant named Xena, which handles scheduling, note-taking, and task tracking, freeing up approximately 400 hours each year, per employee. Additionally, the AI platform is constantly learning new skills and can support automatic updates in Salesforce among other integrations. Designed with enterprise-level compliance and security, Xembly allows for customizable safeguarding of data through various options.


  1. Scheduling: Xena can schedule meetings, navigate conflicts, and create agendas.
  2. Summary: Xena can take meeting notes and provide summaries, ensuring no action items get forgotten.
  3. Task tracking: The platform keeps track of deliverables and finds time for them on calendar.
  4. Learning of new skills: Xembly’s AI platform learns new skills every day and supports integration with tools like Salesforce.
  5. Enterprise-level compliance and security: Xembly offers customizable options for data protection, including recording retention periods, exclusion rules for sensitive meetings, and hybrid cloud infrastructure options.

Use Cases

  1. For all teams: Xembly can unify a team's efforts by providing a suite of automated productivity tools.
  2. Product Management: The platform can be integrated into the tech stack for easy action tracking and organizing standups.
  3. Customer Success Managers: Customer relationships can be enhanced through automated meeting summaries and action follow-ups.
  4. Sales Teams: Xembly can optimize outreach and follow-up activities through automated scheduling and task management.
  5. Revenue Operations: The entire team’s productivity can be elevated with Xembly's detailed meeting notes keeping everyone updated on every deal.

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Automate repetitive tasks, Automate work processes, Enhance productivity, Task Management

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Xembly is an AI productivity platform offering automated tools that increase team efficiency. Its AI, Xena, schedules meetings, writes agendas, records meeting notes, and creates task lists.

Origin: Seattle, WA