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What can do:

This website is for a platform called Writer, which offers generative AI capabilities for content generation, brand governance, and platform integration. The website provides information about the different services and business solutions offered by the platform, as well as resources, customer stories, and pricing details.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Writer:

  1. Create original content that sounds like your company wrote it - Writer is the only generative AI platform that can be trained on your own best-performing content and brand guidelines.
  2. Optimize content with custom templates - Set bespoke input and output requirements to ensure the generated content meets your format, word count, and stylistic constraints.
  3. Build a consistent brand - Writer provides brand governance features like key terms and a style guide, so you can enforce your editorial rules with in-line suggestions for all your writers.
  4. Enrich content with Knowledge Graph - Knowledge Graph connects Writer with your most important data sources, allowing you to reflect your company facts in your output.
  5. Enjoy enterprise-grade security - Unlike other AI platforms, Writer won't use your data in their models. They have the admin and security features needed to meet compliance requirements with SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield.

Top 5 Most Popular Use Cases of Using Writer:

  1. Content Marketing - Writer helps accelerate content creation, ensuring faster first drafts and editing cycles, and enabling easy repurposing of existing content.
  2. Demand Generation - It allows campaigns to go to market on time with creative and unique copy, and facilitates frequent copy testing for optimal performance.
  3. Product Marketing - Writer ensures consistent and accurate product copy in all company content, while enabling A/B testing for message optimization.
  4. Brand Marketing - It helps scale content without sacrificing brand voice, ensuring the production of on-brand copy at the click of a button.
  5. Content Design - Writer provides a single source of truth for content strategy, with an operationalized style guide and reusable components to ensure consistency and clarity.


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is an AI platform called Writer that generates content for businesses. It offers features like templates, brand governance, and integrations with various tools. Many companies trust Writer to improve their content generation process.

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