What can do:

WriteMePoem is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Startup that specializes in generating personalized poems for users' loved ones. The startup boasts an AI-powered tool that crafts poems based on the ideas or emotions users want to express. Poems can be designed in three different styles: simple, acrostic, or haiku. Once created, the poems are sent to the user via email, with the possibility to print them in over 100 printable designs. This makes WriteMePoem a unique and thoughtful gifting solution.


  1. AI-powered poem generator: WriteMePoem's main feature. It creates a unique poem based on user requests.
  2. Different Styles: The poem can be crafted in three different formats: simple, acrostic, or haiku.
  3. Personalization: Users can include the names of their loved ones in the poems.
  4. Printable Designs: Once the poems are generated, they come in 100+ printable designs.
  5. Privacy Protected: Users have the assurance their email will only be used for the purposes of poem delivery.

Use Cases

  1. Birthday celebrations: Writing a unique and personalized poem to a best friend named Sue on her birthday.
  2. Expressing love towards spouse: Requesting a personalized love poem for a wife, such as Wendy, with her name included in it.
  3. Creating a special moment between significant others: Having an acrostic poem about love written with the names 'ALICE' and 'JANE'.
  4. Gift for parents on special days: Generating a passion-filled poem for Father's Day.
  5. Expressing deep emotions: Confessing deep feelings to a loved one through a creatively generated poem.

Prompt type:

Content Creation


WriteMePoem offers an AI Poem Generator that can write personalized love poems in various styles such as simple, acrostic, or haiku. Customers can specify their loved ones' names in the poems. After requesting a poem, customers will receive the poem in over 100 printable designs via email.