Wondershare Virbo


What can do:

Wondershare Virbo is an AI startup that provides users with powerful and innovative video generation tools. Its services include creating AI videos with realistic avatars, providing voice-overs in several languages, translating videos, and even generating scripts using advanced AI technology. Virbo also offers personalized avatar creation that users can integrate into their content.

Key Features

  1. AI Avatars: Over 300 life-like avatars for creating realistic, personalized videos.
  2. AI Voices: Offers over 300 voices for 90 countries, enabling multi-lingual video content.
  3. AI Video Translator: Virbo can translate video content into over 20 different languages.
  4. AI Script Generator: Virbo integrates with ChatGPT 4.0 for automatic script creation.
  5. AI Talking Photo: Photos can be animated with a great lip-sync effect and can talk with AI voices.

Use Cases

  1. Customer Relationship Management: Virbo's AI avatar videos can be used to effectively communicate messages, build relationships, and enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. Digital Marketing: Virbo can help attract more attention from customers, build a brand reputation, and inspire customer interaction through engaging and valuable content.
  3. Employee Training: AI avatar videos eliminate the need for live trainers and material resources, thus greatly reducing costs and increasing scalability.
  4. Social Media Enhancement: Virbo offers over 150 authentic AI avatars to enhance credibility and provide consistent content quality in publications.
  5. Content Creation: Be it marketers, content creators, or influencers, they can use Virbo to create engaging and professional videos with little time and effort.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Text to Video


Wondershare offers Virbo, a powerful AI video generator that can convert text into professional spokesperson videos in over 300 voices and languages. Users can create realistic avatars and craft professional video scripts with AI.