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Wized is an AI Startup that allows users to build web apps in Webflow without the need for coding. It provides a range of features that enable users to create complex applications, integrate their websites with REST APIs, implement authentication and payment flows, and continue hosting their projects via Webflow. Wized offers cloneables that users can utilize to start building their web apps quickly. The core features of Wized include data in, actions, data out, authentication, and education. The platform also offers an Intelligence Center where users can learn Wized basics as well as advanced techniques for building custom web apps. Wized has gained popularity among web developers and has been praised for its ease of use and powerful capabilities.


  • Data in: Load and display data inside Webflow from any source or database.
  • Actions: Trigger actions inside your web application by user interaction.
  • Data out: Send data to your database based on user interaction or form submission.
  • Authentication: Add user authentication to gate content or load user-specific content.
  • Education obsessed: Access the Intelligence Center to learn Wized's beginner and advanced techniques for building web apps.

Use Cases

  • Build complex applications: Utilize Webflow as the front-end for your web app and leverage Wized to handle the back-end functionalities.
  • Integrate your website with any REST API: Connect your Webflow project with any REST API to bring in data, send out data, authenticate users, and more.
  • Build login functionality and Stripe payment flows: Implement user authentication and enable Stripe payment flows within your Webflow project using Wized.
  • Continue hosting your project via Webflow: Wized seamlessly integrates with Webflow, allowing you to host your web app without the need for additional infrastructure.
  • Use cloneables to start building: Wized offers a collection of cloneables that serve as templates to kickstart your web app development, such as custom apps, marketplace, and weather widget.

*[REST API]: Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface

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Wized is a web app development tool that allows users to build complex applications using Webflow as the front-end. It offers features such as integration with REST APIs, login functionality, and Stripe payment flows.