What can do:

WhisperTranscribe is an AI-powered service that transcribes audio content with high accuracy in multiple languages. It is not limited to just providing transcriptions, it can also generate different types of written content which includes summaries, social media posts, blog posts, show notes, titles, and others, from the transcripts with the help of GPT-4. The service caters to content creators and podcasters, helping them repurpose their audio content more effortlessly and efficiently, thereby boosting views, engagement, and audience growth.


  1. The platform offers accurate audio transcription, with over 95% accuracy in 54 languages.
  2. It can generate different types of content from your audio including summaries, social media posts, blog posts, and titles.
  3. It provides an editing feature to customize the generated content to fit your personal style.
  4. It permits users to source audio from various methods including uploading files, linking RSS feeds or YouTube links, or directly recording in the app.
  5. The app provides the ability to download subtitles quickly and easily.

Use Cases

  1. Show Notes: The app generates concise show notes that can attract more listeners who prefer to read through the description before listening to the episode.
  2. Blog posts: The blog posts generated from your episodes can be shared across different channels to attract more audience to your podcast.
  3. Social Media Posts: It can automatically generate social media posts that fit your style, helping to attract more listeners and keep existing ones engaged.
  4. Newsletter Creation: The service can transform casual listeners to super fans by using transcripts to generate engaging newsletters.
  5. Title and Summary Generation: The app generates multiple title options and provides an accurate summary of each episode, enabling you to choose the best title for engagement and remember the most important parts of your audio content.

Prompt type:

Creative Writing, Content Creation, Audio to Text


WhisperTranscribe is an app that transcribes audio with 95% accuracy in 54 languages and generates content such as summaries, titles, social media posts, etc. Users can record or upload audio, receive a transcript, and directly generate content.

Origin: Rotterdam