What can do:

Watermelon is an AI startup focusing on customer service automation. Their key offering involves the provision of a GPT-4 powered chatbot builder, with tools for integration, customizability, and analytics. Watermelon's AI chatbots aim to enhance customer support by automating up to 96% of queries and pulling precise answers from various information sources.


  1. GPT-4 Chatbot: Enables building of chatbots for automating up to 96% of support questions.
  2. Chat Widget: Provides unlimited design options, allowing customers to personalize chat widgets.
  3. Multiple Integrations: Supports one-click integrations, APIs, and Webhooks for incorporating CRM, social channels, and apps.
  4. Inbox Collaboration: Thereto compartmentalizing bot-human collaborations, allowing humans to handle complex queries.
  5. Statistics & Data Analysis: Assists in performance optimization through comprehensive chat interaction analytics.

Use Cases

  1. Sales: Provides 24/7 sales support, suggesting and recommending products within chat conversations.
  2. Marketing: Enhances lead generation and conversion rates with an AI-powered chatbot.
  3. HR and Internal Communications: Facilitates innovative candidate sourcing and recruitment.
  4. Customer Service: Automates answer to frequently asked questions, offering round-the-clock service and facilitates feedback collection.
  5. E-commerce: Assists in automating customer service operations in the e-commerce sector, improving efficiency and customer experience.

With these offerings, Watermelon has successfully supported several businesses from different industries, effectively improving their customer service through extended availability and conversation automation.

Prompt type:

Create AI chatbot


Watermelon offers a chatbot building tool powered by GPT-4 technology, which can automate up to 96% of support questions. They provide an all-in-one inbox and AI chatbots that effectively transfer complex concerns to human agents.

Origin: Utrecht, NL