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What can do:

Voicemaker offers text-to-speech conversion services. It provides a wide range of features and benefits for users, making it a popular choice for various use cases. The website offers different voice profiles and voice effects, allowing users to customize the speech based on their specific needs. The audio files generated can be used for commercial purposes, including audiobooks, podcasts, YouTube videos, e-learning materials, sales and social media videos, and more. Users can also share the converted audio files across multiple platforms. With industry-leading features and a large user base, Voicemaker has become a trusted platform for text-to-speech conversion.

Top 5 Benefits:

  1. Redistribution of Audio Files: Voicemaker allows users to redistribute the generated audio files even after their subscription expires, providing long-term usability and value.
  2. Wide Range of Voices and Effects: The website offers a diverse selection of voice profiles and voice effects, giving users the ability to create human-sounding voices that suit their specific needs.
  3. Commercial Use: Users can create audio files for commercial purposes, making it an ideal choice for businesses and content creators.
  4. Shareability: The converted audio files can be easily shared on various platforms worldwide, allowing for seamless distribution and reach.
  5. Industry-Leading Features: Voicemaker offers industry-leading features and continues to grow, with millions of text characters being converted into voiceovers every day and a large user base from over 120 countries.

Top 5 Use Cases:

  1. Audiobooks & Podcasts: Voicemaker is a valuable tool for creating voiceovers for audiobooks and podcasts, helping to bring written content to life in audio format.
  2. YouTube Videos: Content creators can use Voicemaker to generate voiceovers for their YouTube videos, enhancing the overall viewer experience.
  3. E-Learning Materials: Educational institutions and course creators can utilize Voicemaker to convert text into spoken words for e-learning materials, making the content more engaging and accessible.
  4. Sales & Social Media Videos: Businesses can leverage Voicemaker to create professional voiceovers for sales and social media videos, effectively conveying their messages to target audiences.
  5. Public Use and Broadcasting: Voicemaker can be used for public purposes like public announcements or broadcasting, ensuring clear and professional delivery of important information.

Prompt type:

Text to audio, Text to speech


Voicemaker® is a text-to-speech converter website that offers different voice profiles, settings for pauses, speed, pitch, and volume, and various languages and regions. It also offers premium options and allows users to create audio files for commercial use.

Origin: Pune, Maharashtra, India