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What can do:

VMOD is a comprehensive 3D fabric resource offering a vast digital fabric library created from real-life fabrics. It provides over 6,710+ textures, 350+ fabric drapes, and digital twins of real fabrics from SwatchOn. The platform also features Fabricator, a fabric generative AI, and offers a fabric digitization service for creating 3D digital twins from any real-life fabrics.

Top 5 Benefits of Using VMOD:

  1. Extensive Library: VMOD offers the world's largest digital fabric library, providing a vast selection of textures and drapes.
  2. High Quality: The digital fabrics are hyper-realistic and created from real-life twin fabrics, ensuring high-quality visuals.
  3. AI-Powered: VMOD's Fabricator is a fabric generative AI that can create infinite fabric textures.
  4. Customization: Users can request digitization of their own real-life fabrics, creating unique digital twins.
  5. Compatibility: The digital fabrics are compatible with various design tools, enhancing creativity and versatility.

Top 5 Use Cases of VMOD:

  1. Textile Design: Designers can use VMOD to access a vast library of digital fabrics for their designs.
  2. Fabric Digitization: Users can digitize their own real-life fabrics, creating unique digital twins for their projects.
  3. Fashion Design: Fashion designers can use VMOD to explore and use a variety of fabric textures and drapes in their designs.
  4. Interior Design: Interior designers can use VMOD to visualize different fabric options in their designs.
  5. Education: VMOD can be used as a teaching tool in fashion and interior design courses.

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VMOD is a vast 3D fabric resource offering hyper-realistic digital fabrics, a fabric generative AI, and a fabric digitization service. It enhances creativity and versatility in design projects.

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