Vmake - AI Photo & Video Editor


What can do:

Vmake is an AI startup that provides a range of services for photo and video editing. They offer various AI tools to create stunning images and videos, and users only pay for the features they love without any signup required. Vmake's services include video enhancements such as quality enhancement, background removal, watermark removal, and object eraser. They also offer image-related tools like background changer, background remover, quality enhancer, uncrop, and watermark remover. In addition, Vmake provides text-related AI tools such as an advisor for marketing and an AI writer. The startup also offers templates and resources to assist users in their editing processes.


  1. Video Tools:
  2. Video Quality Enhancer
  3. Video Background Remover
  4. Video Watermark Remover
  5. Video Object Eraser
  6. Video HD
  7. Video Stabilizer
  8. Video Ad Generator
  9. Image Tools:
  10. AI Fashion Model
  11. Image Background Changer
  12. Image Background Remover
  13. Image Quality Enhancer
  14. Image Uncrop
  15. Image Watermark Remover
  16. Object Remover
  17. Text Tools:
  18. AI Advisor for Marketing
  19. AI Writer
  20. Templates
  21. Resources

Use Cases

  • eCommerce Business:

Generate high-quality product photos and videos using AI, eliminating the need for expensive studio shooting.

  • Social Media Marketing:

Repurpose photos for creating various types of content for social media channels, including ads for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Content Creation:

Enhance photos and video ads quickly, saving time compared to learning complex editing software.

  • Mobile Editing:

Experience more AI features by using Vmake's mobile app, allowing users to create stunning visuals on the go.

  • Photo Editing for Clothing Brands:

Utilize Vmake's AI-powered virtual photoshoots to create engaging content for showcasing clothing brands.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Create Youtube video, Text to Video, Generate product images

Media Type:


Vmake is an AI photo and video editor that offers various AI tools for creating stunning visuals. It includes features like video enhancement, background removal, image quality enhancement, and more. Users can try it for free and only pay for what they love.

Origin: Singapore