What can do:

Viggle is an AI startup that utilizes JST-1, a first-of-its-kind 3D foundation model with an understanding of actual physics, to revolutionize video content generation. It provides unique services to users, enabling them to manipulate and animate character movement in videos.


  • Mix: This feature allows the user to integrate a character image into a motion video.
  • Animate: Animate offers the ability to bring static characters to life with a simple text motion prompt.
  • Ideate: With Ideate, users can make videos purely from text.
  • Stylize: Stylize provides the option for users to personalize their character with a text prompt.
  • Viggle it!: This option applies their technology to animate and bring static characters to interactive form.

Use Cases

  • Animation Projects: The platform aids in creating intricate animation projects or developing background characters.
  • Video Generation: It can be used to generate a custom dance video, combining the character image with stock dance moves.
  • Character Animation: It allows the users to animate any static character using AI, implementing movements like walking or doing the robot dance.
  • Content Development: In content development and filmmaking, the tool is utilized for modern workflows and traditional character replacement VFX.
  • Quality Improvement: The platform can significantly enhance the quality and motion fluidity of an image, offering improved results compared to tedious manual processes.

Prompt type:

Generate video


Viggle's new software utilizes JST-1, the first video-3D foundational model with understanding of physics, to generate videos. It allows users to animate static characters using text prompts, create videos purely from text, and stylize characters.

Origin: Toronto