What can do:

Vapi, an AI startup, focuses on providing Voice AI solutions for a wide range of applications. By setting its sights on building a versatile and far-reaching AI solution, Vapi aims to revolutionize how voice can be used in various sectors and industries in the market.


  1. Versatility: Vapi is designed to work across any application that can benefit from Voice AI.
  2. High Adaptability: Vapi can be used in a variety of sectors, indicating its adaptable nature.
  3. Advanced Technology: Vapi's use of AI pushes the boundaries of what is possible with voice interfaces.
  4. Integration Capability: Vapi can be integrated seamlessly into existing applications, making it a flexible option.
  5. User-Friendly: Vapi, while being a high-level AI technology, aims to create interfaces that are easy to use and understand.

Use Cases

  1. Healthcare: Vapi can be integrated into healthcare apps for patients to discuss their symptoms or book appointments simply using their voice.
  2. E-commerce: Through Vapi, e-commerce sites can enable their customers to voice-search for products.
  3. Navigation Apps: With Vapi, users can simply voice their destination and the app can route them accordingly.
  4. Customer Service: Companies can use Vapi to create voice-automated customer service, reducing human effort.
  5. Assistive Technology: Vapi could be used by people with restricted mobility to interact with technology and access information. This affirms Vapi's commitment to inclusivity.

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Voice Command


AI assistance

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Vapi is a Voice AI technology that can be used for any application. Vapi allows developers to build, test and deploy Voicebots in just minutes instead of months. You can build a customer support system, telehealth system, front desk, lead generation, food ordering system or anything else you like.