UnionX - AI Copilot for Work


What can do:

UnionX is an AI startup that offers AI-powered services for various industries, allowing users to perform research, write long documents, and extract insights quickly. Their services are powered by the GPT4 model from OpenAI, providing users with tools for solving homework assignments, writing letters, analyzing spreadsheets, and conducting market research, among other tasks. UnionX's AI Copilot can be utilized in industries such as product management, legal, finance, data science, and education. Their platform includes a block-based editor that enables users to gather documents, analyze them, generate new documents, and obtain useful insights. UnionX incorporates cutting-edge technology and patterns from the AI and data science fields, including Jupyter notebook-style workflows and Langchain tools for large document analysis.


  1. GPT4-Powered Tools: UnionX utilizes the powerful GPT4 model from OpenAI to provide users with efficient and accurate AI-driven tools.
  2. Block-based Editor: The platform offers a user-friendly block-based editor, inspired by Jupyter notebooks, facilitating the gathering, analysis, and generation of documents and insights.
  3. Document and Table Editors: Users can easily edit both documents and tables within the UnionX platform, enabling seamless workflow management.
  4. AI Action and Chat Blocks: UnionX incorporates AI action and chat blocks, allowing users to interact and receive guidance from the AI Copilot while working on tasks.
  5. Visualizations (Coming Soon): In the future, UnionX plans to introduce visualizations, enhancing data representation and interpretation capabilities within their platform.

Use Cases

  1. Students: UnionX enables students to tackle complete homework assignments based on PDF readings, leveraging AI-powered tools for efficient and accurate solutions.
  2. Lawyers: With the help of UnionX, lawyers can write letters based on background information, saving time and effort in the drafting process.
  3. Finance Professionals: UnionX equips finance professionals with the ability to analyze spreadsheets, leveraging machine learning models for enhanced data analysis and insights.
  4. Product Managers: UnionX assists product managers in analyzing competitors and performing market research, aiding in decision-making processes and identifying strategic opportunities.
  5. Data Scientists: UnionX provides data scientists with AI-powered workflows, allowing them to gather and analyze large documents, generate new insights, and improve overall productivity.

Prompt type:

Write letter, Analyse data, Write article, Write blog post


UnionX is an AI Copilot for Work that allows users to perform research, write documents, and extract insights quickly. It offers GPT4-powered tools for various industries such as students, lawyers, finance professionals, and product managers.