What can do:

UniJump.ai is an innovative AI startup that offers a seamless browser extension, allowing users to access ChatGPT from any website they are browsing, without having to leave the site. The extension aims to enhance daily usage of ChatGPT, improving writing, providing answers to queries, and encouraging the exploration of different communication styles. UniJump is a strong advocate for open-source code and complete transparency, and as such, their code is made publicly available for contributions and scrutiny. It's important to note that it doesn’t require any sign up and doesn't store any personal data, making it a safe bet in terms of data security.


  1. Open Source: UniJump.ai's code is publicly available, promoting transparency and allowing anyone to contribute.
  2. Enhances ChatGPT Use: The extension enhances the daily usage of ChatGPT on any website, without having to leave the site.
  3. Improves Writing: UniJump.ai assists in improving your writing and inspires different communication styles.
  4. No Data Storage: UniJump doesn't store any personal data or track your websites, ensuring full user's privacy.
  5. Free and No Signup: It's 100% free and doesn't require users to sign up or register.

Use Cases

  1. Improving Writing Skills: Whether drafting an email, developing content or writing an article, UniJump.ai can guide you, helping improve communication style and relevance.
  2. Answers to Queries: If you have a question while browsing a site, you can quickly access ChatGPT via the UniJump extension to get answers.
  3. Language Translation: With UniJump, you can leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT to help in changing languages.
  4. Reviewing Code: As an open-source solution, developers can use UniJump to review and enhance the publicly available code.
  5. Enhancing Privacy: For those conscious about data security, UniJump can be used without worrying about personal data, information, or browsing history being stored.

Prompt type:

Enhance productivity, Writing Enhancement


UniJump is a free, open-source browser extension that provides quick access to ChatGPT from any website. It enhances daily usage of ChatGPT without needing to leave the browsed website. UniJump improves writing, answers questions and encourages experimentation with different communication styles.