Unbounce - AI Copywriting & Content Generator Tool


What can do:


1) AI Copywriting: Smart Copy instantly generates copy for landing pages, ads, emails, and more.

2) AI Optimization: Automatically sends visitors to their best-match landing page.

3) Templates: Smart Copy provides hundreds of industry-optimized templates.

4) Chrome Extension: The Smart Copy Chrome extension helps users write, rewrite, summarize, or expand copy on any webpage.

5) Desktop App: Smart Copy's desktop app allows users to expand, remix, or write the next sentence from any desktop application.

Use Cases

1) PPC: Smart Copy can generate ad copy from scratch, saving time and stress.

2) Social Ads: The Tagline Generator creates catchy taglines for social media ads.

3) Email Marketing: Smart Copy's templates and AI writing can help with email copywriting.

4) Lead Generation: The Landing Page Copy Generator provides limitless copy variations for customizable landing pages.

5) Ecommerce: Smart Copy assists with writing product descriptions, ad copy, and taglines for online stores.

Prompt type:

Write letter, Create website, Create landing page, Write article, Write blog post, Design website


Unbounce offers the Smart Copy AI tool for generating copy for pages, ads, emails, and more. It includes features like landing page templates, popups and sticky bars, and integration with marketing tools.

Origin: Vancouver, BC, Canada