What can do:

Uizard is a AI startup that provides a suite of tools aimed at simplifying UI design and enabling more efficient product development. The platform relies on AI algorithms and intuitive interfaces to provide an easy-to-use, efficient, and collaborative design environment. Uizard's tools are used by designers, product managers, and several other professionals and teams.

Key Features

  1. AI-Powered UI Design: Uizard's AI is capable of generating UI designs from user-given text prompts, making it easier to create visual representations of ideas.
  2. Autodesigner 1.5: An advanced feature that allows users to generate project screens and themes.
  3. Screenshot and Wireframe Scanners: Converts screenshots of apps into editable mockups and digitizes hand-drawn wireframes.
  4. Real-Time Collaboration: Uizard enables teams to work together in real time, promoting efficient feedback and review process.
  5. Multi-Device Design Compatibility: Supports the creation of designs for different devices like mobile, tablet, and web.

Key Use Cases

  1. Project Visualizing: Product managers can visualize product concepts quickly and efficiently using the AI-generated designs.
  2. Rapid Design Iteration: Designers can edit and iterate designs in real time by converting screenshots into an editable format.
  3. Collaborative Designing: Teams can collaborate in real time, allowing for smooth flow of thoughts and quicker consensus.
  4. Templates Usage: Users can make use of numerous design templates supplied by Uizard for developing mobile apps, webites, and web apps.
  5. UI Designing for Entrepreneurs: Startup founders without a design background can use Uizard to create meaningful and professional designs for their MVPs.

Prompt type:

Design creative, Design website, Mockup Creation


Uizard is a platform that uses artificial intelligence to create user interface designs from text prompts. It also converts screenshots of apps into editable mockups, making it easier for users to iterate on existing features or create new ones.

Origin: Copenhagen