UI Bakery


What can do:

UI Bakery is an AI startup that offers an AI App Generator - a low code platform that enables generation of easy-to-use web applications based on data with only a text prompt. Key features include a drag and drop UI builder, integrations, components, workflow automation, Git version control, and embedded applications. Their services cater to specialized apps, internal tools, dashboards, admin panels, customer portals, and span across teams and industries including support, operations, management, engineering, HR, healthcare, SaaS, finance, government, and e-commerce.

Key Features

  1. Low code platform: Creates apps with minimal coding efforts, accelerating the process of app development.
  2. Drag and drop UI Builder: Simplifies the user interface building process by dragging and dropping components.
  3. Integrations: Allows for seamless integration with various platforms like Snowflake, MySQL, Google Sheets, Generic HTTP API, and Firebase.
  4. Workflow automation: Provides automation of workflows, increasing efficiency and accuracy.
  5. Git version control: Offers version control for easy tracking and managing changes to the source code.

Key Use Cases

  1. Generating web apps in seconds: You can quickly generate functional, data-driven web apps by simply providing a prompt that outlines the desired features.
  2. Conversational search: Conduct search queries in plain language, removing the necessity for SQL expertise.
  3. Business intelligence: Provides actionable insights from data using relevant charts and widgets without the need for BI engineers.
  4. Prototyping and editing: Gives the ability to iterate ideas by adjusting prompts or fine-tune using a visual low-code editor.
  5. Creating dashboards: Enables the generation of specialized apps from sales dashboards, social analytics dashboard with charts to financial dashboards.

The application building process with the UI Bakery App Generator uses the GPT-4 based AI Generator.

Prompt type:

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UI Bakery's AI App Generator offers a low code platform that can generate data-driven apps using simple text prompts, requiring no SQL knowledge.

Origin: Lakewood, Colorado