What can do:

Trint is an AI-powered Startup focusing on transforming video and audio files into text. Trint's advanced AI technology allows its users to transcribe, translate, edit, and collaborate on content, making story-sharing swift and effortless. The Startup's solution is ideal for a diverse pool of industries, including newsrooms, law firms, podcasters, financial services, content creators, and the educational sector.

Key Features

  1. Transcribing Video and Audio to Text: Trint employs AI to transcribe audio and video content into text in over 40 languages with an accuracy of up to 99%.
  2. Content Editor: Trint allows users to verify, edit, playback and search transcripts, facilitate the creation of a variety of content types such as articles, podcasts, scripts, and soundbites.
  3. Real-Time Collaboration: Users on Trint can collaborate in real time, making comments and highlights while sharing using granular access permissions.
  4. Integration with Workflows: The platform allows exports into multiple formats and integration with other platforms for seamless workflows.
  5. Robust Security and Confidentiality: Trint is designed with strong security measures, bearing ISO 27001 certification. It also ensures confidentiality by never listening to recordings and training its AI externally to protect user data.

Use Cases

  1. Transform Transcriptions into Powerful Content: Users can transcribe video and audio to text, allowing for the creation of story-powered content.
  2. Generate Quick Captions for Video: With Trint, users can swiftly produce captions for their videos.
  3. Global Reach with Translation: Trint translates transcriptions into different languages, enabling content to reach global audiences.
  4. Insight and Analysis for Researchers: Researchers can use Trint for transcribing their study materials for improved analysis and insights.
  5. Collaborate on Content as a Team: Teams can collaboratively work on content in real time, making teamwork simpler and more efficient.

Prompt type:

Audio to Text, Video to Text


Trint uses AI to convert audio and video into text in over 40 languages with up to 99% accuracy. It helps create articles, podcasts, scripts and sound bites, allows real-time collaboration, and can integrate with other platforms for smooth workflows.