Trevor AI

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Trevor AI: Plan your Day, One Task at a Time

Trevor AI is a digital personal assistant that provides an intuitive daily planning and task scheduling service powered by AI time blocking technology. Utilizing the application, professionals can accomplish an impressive 85% task completion rate, exceeding the 40% completion rate achieved with traditional to-do apps.

The AI offers a host of features which adapt to individual needs, learning to predict optimal task durations and times, ensuring a personalized planning experience. The application is available both on mobile and desktop interfaces, and keeps data private and secure, complying with GDPR standards.


1. AI powered task scheduling: Trevor AI can create optimal schedules for your tasks, ensuring a high completion rate.

2. Integration with popular applications: The software can sync with applications such as Todoist, Google Calendar, and Microsoft To Do, providing a unified list of all your tasks.

3. Focus Mode: This mode allows users to concentrate on one task at a time, a feature specifically designed to encourage deep work and minimize distractions.

4. Smart Planner: Synced in real-time with Google or Microsoft calendar, this feature keeps all scheduled tasks perfectly aligned across devices.

5. Personal AI Model: The service includes a bespoke AI model trained on your private calendar data to provide smart features exclusively for you.

Use cases:

1. Academics: Students can utilize the application to schedule and prioritize their academic works, ensuring each task receives an adequate amount of time.

2. C-Level Executives: Executives can use the AI to plan their rigorous schedules and maintain a high completion rate for their tasks.

3. Freelancers: As they manage various tasks simultaneously, freelancers can benefit from the app to keep track of their obligations and maintain a balanced workload.

4. Project Managers: They can integrate their team's tasks into the app, making sure every task is scheduled and achieved according to the project timeline.

5. Sales and Marketing professionals: With numerous tasks and appointments to juggle, these professionals can employ Trevor AI to maintain an organized schedule and prioritize their responsibilities effectively.

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Automate work processes, Enhance productivity, Task Management

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Trevor AI is a digital planner and task scheduling app that utilises AI to help users organise their day and focus on tasks. It offers time-blocking technology and integrates with various apps including Todoist and Google Calendar.