Translate.Video - AI Video Dubbing to 75+ languages

What can do:


  1. Translate Video with 1-click: This AI Startup provides a service to translate videos into over 75 languages with just one click.
  2. Video Dubbing: Users can dub their videos using human-like voiceover or by recording and uploading their own voice.
  3. Automated Transcripts and Closed Captions: The service offers automated transcription and generation of closed captions for videos.
  4. Instant Subtitle Generation and Translation: Users can generate and translate subtitles for their videos instantly, making it easier to reach a global audience.
  5. Editing Styles and Elements: Translate.Video provides editing features that allow users to enhance their videos with various styles and elements.

Use Cases:

  1. Reaching a Global Audience: The service helps creators and enterprises to reach billions of people globally by translating their videos into multiple languages.
  2. Simplifying Captioning and Subtitling: Translate.Video simplifies the captioning, subtitling, and dubbing process for content creators by providing automated solutions.
  3. Making Content Accessible: By generating closed captions and subtitles, the service makes content more accessible across platforms for viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  4. Accelerating Subtitle Translation: Content creators can save time by using Translate.Video's instant subtitle generation and translation, making the process 100 times faster.
  5. Enhancing Videos with Voiceover: The AI Startup allows users to add human-like voiceovers to their videos, giving them a professional touch and improving their quality.

Prompt type:

Translate text, Text to audio, Text to speech


Translate Video with 1-click with Translate.Video ( Join 12000+ creators to reach billions globally. Simplify captioning, subtitling, and dubbing. Generate captions, translate subtitles, video dubbing, AI voice-over, record voice, transcripts.