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What can do:

The Topaz Video AI website offers a range of services and products focused on enhancing and improving video quality. They provide access to production-grade neural networks for tasks such as video upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization. The AI models used by Topaz Video AI have been specifically developed over five years to deliver natural results on real-world footage. The website emphasizes the benefits of using their software, such as removing technical quality distractions, achieving the best quality results available, and offering unique AI filters. They also highlight that their AI models have been trained exclusively on video clips to ensure optimal performance. The website also mentions the use of GPU acceleration to improve processing times and reduce artifacts commonly found in traditional upscaling techniques. Overall, Topaz Video AI aims to provide video content creators with the tools and capabilities to enhance and improve the quality of their videos.


  1. Unique AI filters: Topaz Video AI offers a range of AI filters that are not available anywhere else, allowing users to achieve the best possible results for their videos.
  2. Fewer motion artifacts: Unlike other video upscaling techniques, Topaz Video AI significantly reduces the "shimmering" or "flickering" effects that can occur in adjacent frames during the upscaling process.
  3. AI-first approach: With Topaz Video AI, users can inject real details into their videos, derived from the additional information present in multiple adjacent frames, resulting in more natural and visually appealing outcomes.
  4. GPU Acceleration: By leveraging the power of GPU acceleration, Topaz Video AI achieves more natural results and mitigates artifacts that are common in traditional upscaling methods.
  5. The best quality, period: Topaz Video AI's AI models have been trained exclusively on videos, ensuring that users can achieve the highest quality results possible.

Most popular use cases:

  1. Upscale and enhance videos to 4k/8k: Topaz Video AI provides industry-leading video enhancement AI models such as Gaia and Artemis HQ, which offer optimal results for upscaling videos to higher resolutions.
  2. Recover low-quality/noisy videos: Topaz Video AI's AI models, such as Proteus or Artemis LQ, can remove noise and sharpen low-quality videos, resulting in improved visual clarity.
  3. Deinterlace interlaced footage: By utilizing AI models like Dione TV or DV, Topaz Video AI enables users to deinterlace interlaced footage, restoring it to a pristine quality.
  4. Restore old footage: Using multiple AI models, Topaz Video AI allows users to stack different models to recover difficult videos, making it possible to restore and enhance old or damaged footage.
  5. Upscale CG or cartoons: Topaz Video AI offers AI models like Gaia CG or Theia that specifically enhance graphics, making them ideal for upscaling computer-generated or cartoon videos to higher resolutions.

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Topaz Video AI is a software that provides professional video enhancement tools such as upscaling, deinterlacing, motion interpolation, and shake stabilization. It uses AI models trained on video clips for optimal results and offers unlimited access to production-grade neural networks.

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