What can do:

Tonkean is an AI-startup that offers enterprise intake orchestration services. They specialize in intelligently automating processes to maximize adoption, efficiency, and compliance in procurement, legal, and other related fields.


  1. AI Front Door - An intelligent, proactive, AI-powered entry point for requesters that enables plain-language requests across various channels including Slack, Teams, email and custom portals.
  2. Guided Intake - Customizable, step-by-step user experience that streamlines form sequences to guide requestors through the process.
  3. No-Code Process Builder - Allows operations teams to customize processes without the need for coding. It uses drag-and-drop tools for building workflows and automations.
  4. Coordinate Approval Cycles - Automates approval across functions and incorporates business logic, handoffs, and reminders.
  5. Data Source Integrations - Ability to connect different department tech stacks and orchestrate across your application stack.

Use Cases

  1. Purchase Intake - Automated purchase procedures, improving efficiency.
  2. Supplier Intake - Streamlining of supplier intake process, improving transparency and control.
  3. Legal Matter Intake - Automating simple legal requests, improving legal efficiency.
  4. Invoice Automation - Automation of the invoicing process, reducing manual task and errors.
  5. Email Inbox Automation - AI-powered handling and deflection of requests from your email inbox, reducing manual tasks and improving response times.

Prompt type:

Automate work processes, Business Growth and Development


Tonkean offers AI-powered enterprise intake orchestration, providing an automated framework for efficiency and compliance in corporate sectors, such as procurement and legal. Their platform supports request processing, no-code process building, and customized business solutions.

Origin: Palo Alto, California