What can do:

Tome is an AI-supported startup that provides an intuitive platform for creating engaging and interactive business presentations. It incorporates a variety of features that work to streamline the process of creating presentations, while also using AI to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the end product. Tome is built to cater to the needs of a wide range of fields, including founders & startups, creators & freelancers, marketing, and sales.


  1. Ultra Fast Presentation Editing: Tome enables quick and efficient editing of presentations.
  2. Expressive and Interactive Content: The platform is designed to be interactive, allowing for a higher level of engagement for viewers.
  3. Customized Video Narration: Users can customize their presentations with video narrations for a more personalized and engaging experience.
  4. Mobile-Optimized Sharing: The platform is optimized for mobile, ensuring that viewers can comfortably view presentations on any device.
  5. AI-Powered Services: Tome uses AI to save time for users by generating presentations, sourcing relevant imagery and refining text.

Use Cases

  1. Detailed Audience Analysis: Tome provides viewer-level insights, analyzing how much time viewers spend on each page and where they drop off allowing users to refine their presentation.
  2. Real-Time Interaction Monitoring: Users are alerted in real-time when someone is viewing their presentation, enabling them to gather more detailed insights.
  3. Engaging Design: The intuitive editor allows users to quickly design and arrange content on their slides. The presentations generated are interactive and feel more like webpages than slides.
  4. Templates for Various Disciplines: Users can pick from a variety of templates designed for specific fields such as sales, marketing, startups, customer success, etc.
  5. Cost-Effective Substitute: Tome provides an AI-powered platform at affordable rates, making it suitable for individual entrepreneurs and startups, as well as larger-scale businesses. Users can choose from the Basic plan, which is free, the Professional plan at $16 per month, or the Enterprise plan, priced on request.

Prompt type:

Create presentation, Generate visual representations of data


Tome is a mobile-optimized platform for creating engaging and interactive business presentations. It offers AI features for generating contents, making edits and personalizing presentations. It also provides viewer-level insights for improved content design.

Origin: San Francisco, CA