The website name is "Moises App: The Musician's App | Vocal Remover & much more"

What can do:

Moises App is a musician's app that offers a variety of services and features to enhance the music practice and production experience. It provides tools such as AI audio separation, smart metronome and audio speed changer, pitch changer and AI key detection, and chord detection. The app is made for various categories of musicians, including drummers, singers, bassists, guitarists, and producers and DJs. Users can access their private music library from any device, all stored securely in the cloud. The app has received positive reviews from musicians and is praised for its ability to remove vocals and isolate instruments in any song, as well as its clean sound quality.


  1. Music Partner: The app offers more than just an app, providing a comprehensive music partner experience.
  2. Accessible Library: Users can access their private music library from any device, securely stored in the cloud.
  3. Versatile Tools: The app provides a range of tools, including AI audio separation, metronome, pitch changer, and chord detection, allowing musicians to customize their practice and production experience.
  4. Isolate Instruments: Users can easily separate vocals, drums, guitar, bass, keys, and other instruments in any song, enabling them to play along with their favorite artists or create remixes.
  5. Clean Sound Quality: The app ensures high-quality sound without added distortion, making it suitable for practice, performance, and karaoke singing.

Popular Use Cases:

  1. Playing Along with Artists: Musicians can play along with their favorite artists in any key and at any speed, benefiting from the app's ability to remove vocals and adjust the speed and pitch of songs.
  2. Practice and Rehearsal: The app serves as a valuable tool for practice, allowing users to isolate instruments, generate click tracks, and use the metronome feature to improve their timing and rhythm.
  3. Music Production and Remixing: Producers and DJs can utilize the AI audio separation feature to isolate instrument tracks and create remixes or mashups with their own additions.
  4. Key and Chord Learning: The app helps musicians learn key signatures and detect chords in real-time, enabling them to master their craft by playing songs in different keys or transposing chords to their preferred key.
  5. Karaoke Singing: The app is recommended for karaoke singing, as it allows users to remove vocals from songs while maintaining high-quality music playback.

Prompt type:

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Moises App is a music app for musicians that allows you to remove vocals and instruments from songs, adjust speed and pitch, and more. It has features like AI audio separation, smart metronome, pitch changer, and chord detection.