The Forge - Create, Share, and Monetize AI Applications

What can do:

The Forge is an AI Startup that provides services to easily create, share, and monetize AI-based applications without writing any code. They empower creators to turn their ideas into products within minutes. The platform offers features such as an editor to build AI applications, templates for inspiration, versioning to access previous versions, and options to share applications via web links or APIs. Additionally, there is a marketplace to explore and sell applications.


  1. Editor: Make your ideas come to life with your favorite AI models, with the ability to preview the progress within the editor.
  2. Templates: Start new projects from scratch or gain inspiration from pre-existing templates.
  3. Versioning: Easily access previous versions of drafts and live versions.
  4. Sharing: Share AI applications with everyone or privately with friends and colleagues using direct links or APIs.
  5. Marketplace: Explore and sell AI applications, connecting your account to Stripe for seamless buying and selling.

Use Cases

  1. Build personalized AI applications without coding.
  2. Share AI applications with friends, colleagues, or the public.
  3. Monetize AI applications on the marketplace.
  4. Explore and try out applications created by other users.
  5. Sell and buy AI applications using predefined sales packages.

Example Apps

  1. Integration: Integrate Forge AI into to create innovative websites, such as a children's book maker that brings stories to life with every click.
  2. Recipe Maker: Create recipe apps in under 5 minutes, showcasing the app-building process.
  3. Children's Book Maker 2.0: Generate multiple outputs and unlock the boundless imagination of young minds.
  4. Ticket Handler: Create conditional outputs based on departments, demonstrating the versatility of the app-building process.

To stay updated on new features and example applications, follow The Forge on Twitter and join their Discord community, where builders can access early editor access and connect with others.

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The Forge enables users to easily create and monetize AI-based applications without coding. It offers features like templates, versioning, sharing, and integration. Users can sell their applications on the marketplace and connect their accounts to Stripe for seamless transactions.