What can do:

Teach-O-Matic is an AI start-up that specializes in creating how-to videos with AI from text-based instructions. It runs on a combination of several AI technologies which include Replicate, LangChain, and GPT-4. It is an open-source project from Replicate, enabling easy access and wide usage. Furthermore, a significant advantage of Teach-O-Matic services is that no development environment is needed.

Main Features

  1. Document to Video Conversion: Teach-O-Matic effectively transforms text instructions from a document into a how-to video.
  2. Script Writing: It employs the GPT-4 AI model to write the scripts from the given text.
  3. Video Creation: It uses the Damo Text-to-Video AI technology for video creation.
  4. Music and Image Addition: The videos are not just accompanied by visuals but Riffusion also writes the music while Stable Diffusion creates the cover images.
  5. Coordination and Efficiency: All these tasks are coordinated by LangChain resulting in a seamless and efficient output.

Use Cases

  1. Detailed Explanatory Videos: By using Teach-O-Matic, you can create detailed explanatory videos from a simple text document which can be really helpful in the education sector.
  2. Saves Time and Effort: Writing scripts can be a tedious task for video creators. Using Teach-O-Matic, one can automate this task hence saving valuable time and resources.
  3. Contextual Sound and Visuals: Teach-O-Matic is not only generating a visual representation from text but also adding suitable music and cover images, creating a more appealing and comprehensive video.
  4. DIY Tutorials: By using Teach-O-Matic, you can make DIY tutorial videos with relative ease.
  5. Script Reading: With Suno AI Bark, the scripts written by GPT-4 are read and embedded in the video, giving it a professional touch.

Prompt type:

Text to Video


Teach-O-Matic is an open source Jupyter notebook that lets you create AI how-to videos from text.