Tactiq - Ultimate meeting companion powered by ChatGP


What can do:

Tactiq offers services to streamline meetings and enhance productivity for teams. Their ultimate meeting companion, powered by ChatGPT, utilizes the power of AI to transcribe meetings, extract key information, and generate actionable workflows. With Tactiq, users can save time, summarize long transcripts, and assign action items to team members.

Features of Tactiq:

  1. ChatGPT Summary: Tactiq uses ChatGPT to summarize meetings, providing accurate and detailed insights in a concise format.
  2. ChatGPT Action Items: The AI-powered tool identifies action items from meetings, eliminating the tedious task of remembering who is responsible for what.
  3. ChatGPT Bullet Points: Tactiq generates bullet points from meetings, highlighting key discussion points and takeaways.
  4. Meeting Notes Transcripts: Tactiq's integration with OpenAI enables real-time transcription of meetings, ensuring a complete and accurate record of discussions.
  5. Live Speech-to-Text: Tactiq's speech-to-text extension saves live transcripts from meetings, allowing users to export them to various platforms like Google Docs, Notion, Slack, or PDF.

Use Cases of Tactiq:

  1. Transcribing Zoom meetings: Tactiq's integration with Zoom allows for seamless transcriptions of meetings, providing users with a detailed record of discussions.
  2. Transcribing MS Teams meetings: With Tactiq, users can transcribe their MS Teams meetings, capturing all the important details and facilitating post-meeting follow-ups.
  3. Speech-to-text for team meetings: Tactiq's AI-powered speech-to-text feature improves collaboration during team meetings by capturing and transcribing important moments in real-time.
  4. Extracting action items from customer meetings: Tactiq, powered by ChatGPT, automatically identifies and extracts action items from customer meetings, ensuring effective follow-up and accountability.
  5. AI Meeting Kits for productivity: Tactiq offers AI Meeting Kits that leverage ChatGPT's capabilities to help teams plan, summarize, and extract tasks from meetings, ultimately boosting productivity.

By combining the power of AI and transcription technology, Tactiq revolutionizes the way meetings are conducted and documented, providing users with actionable insights and streamlined workflows.

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ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool that streamlines meetings and boosts productivity. It transcribes Zoom and MS Teams meetings, provides speech-to-text features, and offers meeting summaries, action items, and bullet points.