Superhuman - Blazingly fast email for teams and individuals

What can do:

This website, Superhuman, offers a blazingly fast email experience for teams and individuals. It aims to save time, increase productivity, and reduce email anxiety. It provides features such as AI assistance, automatic email triaging, follow-up reminders, email automation, snoozing emails, read statuses, autocorrect, team collaboration, social insights, calendar integration, and event scheduling. Customers have praised the tool for improving their email management, decision-making speed, response quality, and ability to focus on important work.


  1. Get 3 hours back every single week: Superhuman helps users save time by providing a fast and efficient email experience.
  2. Superhuman saves teams over 10 million hours every single year: The tool increases productivity for teams by streamlining email workflows.
  3. Fly through your email twice as fast as before: Superhuman's speed enables users to handle their email tasks quickly.
  4. Be more responsive to what matters most: The platform helps users prioritize important emails and respond to them promptly.
  5. Eliminate email anxiety once and for all: Superhuman's features reduce stress and help users manage their emails with ease.

Top 5 Use Cases:

  1. Write entire emails with just one line: Superhuman AI allows users to write emails quickly by converting phrases into full emails that match the user's voice and style.
  2. Automatically triage incoming emails: The Split Inbox feature helps users focus on emails that require attention by filtering out emails from specific senders or tools.
  3. Never drop the ball again: Superhuman offers the ability to set reminders for follow-up emails, ensuring important emails are not forgotten or left unanswered.
  4. Automate phrases and entire emails: The Snippets feature enables users to automate repetitive typing tasks by inserting pre-defined phrases, paragraphs, or even entire emails.
  5. Snooze emails for later: Superhuman allows users to temporarily hide emails from their inbox, providing a clutter-free environment and the ability to focus on important tasks.

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Superhuman is a website that offers a blazingly fast email experience for teams and individuals. It saves users time, improves productivity, and reduces email anxiety. It includes features such as automated responses, snooze emails, read statuses, and autocorrect.

Origin: San Francisco, California