What can do:

Submagic is a powerful tool powered by AI that is focused on transforming the way videos are produced and enhanced for better viewer engagement. This startup collaborates with Storyblocks to provide superior-quality B-Rolls.


  • Captions: The software can transcribe audio into a written format, making your videos more accessible.
  • B-Rolls: in partnership with Storyblocks, Submagic can generate stock videos using AI.
  • Transitions: Users can incorporate fancy transitions into their videos.
  • Auto-Zoom & Auto-Cut: These features allow for strategic zooms in videos and the removal of silent parts.
  • Sound Effects & Background Music: Users can easily add sound effects and music in one click.

Use Cases

  • Agencies: It helps gather more leads for agencies.
  • Real Estate: Supports realtors in selling more by making their listings more engaging.
  • Advertisers: They can produce ads that are creative and converts better.
  • E-commerce: Submagic helps scale brands and sell more products by enhancing product videos.
  • Coaches: The software aids in the growth of a coaching program by creating engaging and accessible video content.

Prompt type:

Generate video, Multimedia Content Creation and Enhancement, Video Enhancement


Submagic, in partnership with Storyblocks, offers a platform to generate impressive AI captions and videos using features like transcription, AI-generated stock videos, fancy transitions, auto-zoom, auto-cut, sound effects, auto-desciptions, images and GIFs. The tool is useful for agencies, real estate, advertisers, e-commerce, coaches, marketers, and startups to enhance viewer engagement and boost growth. Notable users include top creators and businesses.

Origin: Paris