What can do:

StyleAI is an all-in-one AI marketing platform with potent tools to facilitate the building and management of websites, SEO, and ad campaigns, thus eliminating the need for expensive marketing agencies or expert skills. The platform consists of three major tools, namely, Crafta, Seona, and Adwin.

Key Features


  1. Intelligent Web Builder: Crafta, powered by AI, helps create, edit, and optimize your site, and can even make the webpage look friendlier.
  2. AI-facilitated Editing: The personal AI assistant has high-end editing features that help to craft compelling copy and offer optimized layouts, thus increasing the speed and accuracy of web construction.
  3. Powerful Editing Tools: Crafta's advanced editing tools cater to the user's creativity while crafting the website and enhancing it with the power of AI.


  1. Automatic SEO Updation: Seona auto-updates your site's content, headers, tags, and code using only your URL, ultimately improving the website's search rankings.
  2. Optimized Blog Generation: Seona's blog generation feature lets you enjoy fresh, SEO-friendly content that is automatically published to your site.


  1. AI-Driven Google Ad Campaigns: Adwin uses AI to analyze your website and gain valuable insights about your business, subsequently crafting optimal ads to attract more customers.

Use Cases

  1. Crafta: An entrepreneur can use Crafta to instantly build a friendly, optimized website without needing advanced technical skills or expensive web designers.
  2. Crafta’s Editing Tools: A content creator can use the AI-based editing features to create compelling website copy and optimized layouts.
  3. Seona: Bloggers can leverage Seona to regularly auto-update their site's SEO elements, helping to improve their blog's search ranking.
  4. Seona's Blog Generation: Content marketers can utilize Seona's blog generation to automatically publish SEO-friendly blogs and reach out to a larger audience.
  5. Adwin: Business owners can utilize Adwin to design and activate flawless Google ad campaigns automatically, potentially increasing reach and customer base.

StyleAI, with its powerful AI-driven tools, offers an effective solution to boost digital marketing activities. It enables businesses to save money, reach more customers than ever before, and manage their online presence with ease and efficiency.

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StyleAI offers an AI-supported digital marketing platform that includes website building, SEO optimization, and ad campaign management.