Storia AI

What can do:

Storia AI is an AI-based Startup that provides innovative applications in image editing. The startup offers AI-assisted image generation and editing solutions to users who wish to add a touch of perfection to their work with minimal effort. These AI-driven tools are capable of fixing text, recognizing fonts, cleaning, and manipulating images' background. Other features include converting rough sketches into digital or photorealistic images, generating variations of images, upscaling image resolution and converting raster images into vector images.


  1. Fix text in images: Storia AI offers an AI feature called 'Textify' to correct any misspellings in AI-generated images or modify existing words. It achieves this by automatically recognizing the text's font and typeface.
  2. Font Recognition: It has a tool to recognize the font in an image out of a collection of over 3,000 fonts. This tool works on both real and AI-generated text.
  3. Cleanup images: This function allows removing any unwanted objects, defects, or text. All that users need to do is mark the specific area with the unwanted element, and AI will remove it.
  4. Background Handling: With Storia AI, users can automatically remove or replace an image background, thus saving them the time and cost linked to product photoshoots.
  5. Sketch Conversion: It enables the conversion of simple line sketches into digital art or realistic images. The AI fills up the sketch with relevant details to create an image.

Use Cases

  1. Users can use Storia AI's Textify application to fix text in images for misspellings or existing words, making it feasible to instantly rectify or update text content.
  2. Designers or creative artists can take advantage of the font recognition tool to identify specific fonts in an image, assisting them with design continuity or cohesive brand identity.
  3. Removing undesired objects from an image is made simple with the cleanup images tool. It can be used during advertisements, presentations, or personalized image edits.
  4. E-commerce businesses can leverage the background handling feature of Storia AI to adjust the background of product images, thus avoiding expensive product photoshoots.
  5. Amateur artists or design beginners can use the sketch conversion feature to create digital art or photorealistic images, making prototyping or initial drafts easy and swift.

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Storia AI is an AI-powered image editor that offers various functionalities like generating and editing images, fixing text in images, recognizing fonts, cleaning up images, changing/removing image backgrounds, turning sketches into digital images, generating image variations, image upscaling etc.