Splash Pro - AI Music Maker


What can do:

The AI startup, Splash Pro, is aimed at revolutionizing the music industry by allowing its users to create songs with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). By simply entering a text prompt, users can generate their own musical creations with unique themes or styles.

Key Features:

  1. Text Prompt Input: Generate music by providing a simple text prompt
  2. Customization: Has parameters related to mode, style, tempo (BPM), and theme for more personalized results
  3. Wide Variety of Styles: Ability to create songs in diverse styles, such as 70s funk, modern RnB, middle eastern house, 200step and more
  4. Fast Performance: Can create music quickly, increasing efficiency
  5. Supports Community Sharing: Allows users to access and listen to the latest songs from the community

Use Cases:

  1. Music Production: Can be used by musicians or producers who want to quickly generate song ideas or concepts
  2. Songwriting: Can assist songwriters in sparking creativity by providing unique music based on specific prompts
  3. Games Soundtrack Creation: Can be used by game developers to create original and matching soundtracks, as seen by the request of "a glitchy, emotive soundtrack for a atmospheric 200step style kids game"
  4. Exercise or Dance Classes: Instructors can create original music that suits their class dynamics and routines
  5. Social Sharing and Listening: Users can listen to the latest AI created songs from the community, opening up opportunities for social interaction and feedback.

Prompt type:

Generate music

Media Type:


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