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Softr: Build software without developers

Softr is an AI startup that enables users to build software without the need for developers. With Softr, individuals and teams can create client portals, internal tools, community hubs, and more using data from Airtable or Google Sheets. The platform offers pre-built functional blocks and templates, allowing users to quickly and easily put together their applications using drag and drop functionality.

Key Features

  1. Connect to your own data: Softr allows users to bring their data to life by connecting to various data sources, including Airtable, Google Sheets, and REST APIs (coming soon). This feature enables users to integrate their preferred data sources seamlessly into their applications.
  2. Granular permissions and access levels: Softr provides granular permissions, ensuring that only authorized users can view and edit specific information within the app. This feature enhances security and data privacy for users and their clients.
  3. Publish on any device and share with the team: Users can easily build and publish their applications on any device with a single click. The platform also facilitates collaboration by allowing users to share and iterate on their apps with colleagues, clients, or partners.
  4. Integration with workflow tools: Softr offers seamless integration with popular tools such as Zapier, Google Analytics, Stripe, Hotjar, Mailchimp, and more. This feature enables users to incorporate these tools into their Softr apps, enhancing functionality and workflow efficiency.
  5. Templates and pre-built blocks: Softr provides a wide range of pre-built templates and functional blocks, including lists, charts, forms, tables, calendars, and maps. Users can choose from these templates or start from scratch, enabling them to create customized applications tailored to their specific needs.

Use Cases

  1. Client Portals: Softr allows users to create custom-branded and secure client portals, enabling clients to self-serve and access the information they need.
  2. Internal Tools: Users can leverage Softr to build internal tools that empower non-developers to streamline business processes and workflows.
  3. Community Hubs: Softr facilitates the creation of community hubs, where users can share resources, perks, job boards, member directories, and more.
  4. Data-powered Apps: With Softr, users can build apps using their own data from Airtable or Google Sheets, making it easy to transform raw data into functional and user-friendly applications.
  5. Integration with Workflow Tools: Softr's integration capabilities allow users to connect their apps with popular workflow tools, expanding functionality and improving productivity.

Overall, Softr provides an intuitive and efficient platform for individuals and teams to build software applications without relying on developers. With its wide range of features and use cases, Softr empowers users to leverage AI technology to transform their data into powerful business tools.

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Softr allows users to build client portals and internal tools using Airtable or Google Sheets data, without the need for coding. The platform offers pre-built blocks and templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and seamless integration with other tools.