What can do:

SaveDay is a smart knowledge hub for capturing, organizing, and utilizing personal and professional information. This platform enhances productivity by allowing users to save and categorize various types of internet content, leading to efficient information retrieval and knowledge absorption. Its innovative features facilitate the summarization of lengthy content, reminder setting, bookmark management, and content sharing across social platforms.


  1. Save Content: SaveDay enables users to save all types of internet content like images, videos, PDFs, tweets, or podcasts.
  2. Intuitive Search: The tool allows search by colors, brands, keywords, dates, or any other terms across multiple languages.
  3. Content Summarization: This feature can summarize long articles or videos, and even create shareable content with distinct templates.
  4. Reminders: SaveDay enables users to add reminders to revisit saved items later.
  5. Bookmark Management: It provides an integrated view of all saved items for easy retrieval and access.

Use Cases

  1. Students: Students can use SaveDay to save critical lectures, academic journals, and notes, and even summarize long lectures and articles into concise points.
  2. Content Creators: Content creators can save useful references and quickly create social posts from lengthy videos and articles.
  3. Designers: Designers can save images, websites, and design examples for easy access to visual references. They can search for saved items using simple keywords.
  4. Business owners: They can rapidly summarize lengthy news and articles to absorb knowledge efficiently and share knowledge with team members, enhancing productivity and collaboration.
  5. Researchers: They can save and organize relevant data, charts, and graphs from research reports, and summarize extensive reports to deliver insights concisely.

Prompt type:

Enhance productivity


SaveDay bookmark manager helps you instantly save, highlight web content and retrieve them, summarize YouTube videos and articles support by AI. Experience now with Chrome Extension, Telegram Bot, Edge Add-on.

Origin: Singapore