Rix - AI-powered search engine optimized for developers


What can do:

Rix is an AI-powered search engine that is specifically optimized for developers. It offers various features and use cases to assist developers in their work.


  1. Web Search: Rix allows developers to perform web searches and get answers to their questions quickly.
  2. Shortcuts: Developers can streamline their searches by using popular site shortcuts, such as Next.js, Python, React, Node.js, Express.js, Java, TailwindCSS, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, GraphQL, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  3. Chrome Browser Extension: Developers can add Rix to their Chrome browser and access it on a new tab. This provides a fast way to chat with the Rix AI and search the web.
  4. Site-specific Search: Rix allows users to narrow down their search results to a specific website by using the "site:" command. This helps save time and effort in research.
  5. Modes: Rix offers different modes, including Quick mode, Web Search mode, and Code Writer mode. Developers can seamlessly switch between these modes to take advantage of different features, such as fast question-answering, code generation and modification, and code visualization.

Use Cases

  1. Developers can use Rix to quickly find information on the web and get answers to their questions related to programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and databases.
  2. Rix's shortcuts feature can help developers find specific documentation or resources related to popular technologies, saving them time in researching.
  3. The Chrome browser extension allows developers to access Rix easily and chat with the AI for assistance or perform web searches without leaving their workflow.
  4. By using the site-specific search feature, developers can quickly find information within a specific website, such as documentation, forums, or tutorials, without sifting through irrelevant search results.
  5. Rix's different modes cater to various needs of developers. Quick mode allows for fast question-answering, Web Search mode provides comprehensive search results, and Code Writer mode helps with code generation, modification, and visualization.

By utilizing Rix, developers can enhance their productivity, save time in research, and get quick answers and assistance in their programming tasks.

Prompt type:

Analyse data, Find solutions to the coding problems, Write code, Search information


Rix is an AI-powered search engine optimized for developers. It offers web search, popular site shortcuts, and the ability to enhance chat experience by switching between different modes. Rix can also summarize articles and web pages, as well as provide summaries for GitHub gists.

Origin: Dover, Delaware, USA