Remodeled - AI interior design tool

What can do: is an AI-powered interior design tool that offers an efficient and easy way to visualize room makeovers. The platform allows users to upload an image of their room, select the type of room they're looking to remodel, and choose a theme. In just a few seconds, the AI model generates a new room design for the user to enjoy.

The AI technology used by analyzes the room's dimensions, layout, and existing furniture to generate personalized room designs. It also suggests color schemes, furniture arrangements, and decor items based on the chosen theme. Additionally, the platform offers a virtual staging feature that allows users to visualize their newly designed space before making any physical changes.

Top 5 Use Cases of

  1. Room Makeover: Users can upload an image of their room and let the AI generate a new design based on their preferences.
  2. Theme Selection: Users can select a theme (modern, minimalist, traditional, etc.) and the AI will suggest decor items and arrangements that match the theme.
  3. Virtual Staging: Before making any physical changes, users can visualize their newly designed space using the platform's virtual staging feature.
  4. Personalized Design: The AI analyzes the room's dimensions, layout, and existing furniture to generate a design that is personalized to the user's space.
  5. Efficient Remodeling: The platform offers a cost-effective and efficient way to explore various design options and make informed decisions about remodeling.

Prompt type:

Visualize room makeover, Generate a room design, Generate furniture arrangements

Summary: is an AI-powered tool for interior design, offering personalized room makeovers. It provides theme-based decor suggestions, virtual staging, and efficient remodeling, transforming living spaces based on user preferences.