Relume - AI Website Builder, Designer in Webflow & Figma

What can do:

Relume aims to assist web designers in the no-code era by offering tools and resources for Figma designers and Webflow developers. Originally operating as an agency, Relume has now transitioned into a product company with a small team of developers, designers, and creatives.


  1. Relume Ipsum (AI): The fastest way to write website copy in Figma.
  2. Relume Community: A Slack community for Webflow and Figma enthusiasts, boasting over 4,500 members.
  3. Relume Library: The world's largest Webflow component library with over 60,000 sign-ups.
  4. Relume Design League: Where web design intersects with esports, attracting 22 million views.
  5. Relume Icons: An open-source collection of icons for Webflow and Figma, serving more than 12,000 users.

Use Cases:

  1. Relume Ipsum (AI) enables designers to quickly generate website copy within Figma, saving time and effort.
  2. Relume Community fosters networking and knowledge-sharing among Webflow and Figma enthusiasts, providing a platform for collaboration and skill enhancement.
  3. Relume Library offers a vast collection of Webflow components, facilitating the creation of visually appealing and functional websites.
  4. Relume Design League combines web design and esports, creating an engaging platform for designers to showcase their skills and gain exposure.
  5. Relume Icons provides a comprehensive set of icons for Webflow and Figma, allowing designers to enhance the visual appeal of their projects.

In summary, Relume provides a range of services, including an AI-powered website copy generator, a community platform, a Webflow component library, a web design and esports platform, and an open-source icon collection. These offerings aim to support web designers in their no-code endeavors and foster a collaborative environment for skill development and design innovation.

Prompt type:

Create website, Write code, Create App


Relume is a team of developers, designers, and creatives that provides tools and resources for web designers. They offer products such as Relume Ipsum, a website copy generator, and Relume Library, a Webflow component library. They also have a thriving community and offer job opportunities.