What can do:

Recraft is a leading AI design tool that aids users in the creation and editing of digital illustrations, vector art, icons, and 3D graphics. Their key goal is to maintain a uniform brand style across all the generated graphics. The AI startup, trusted by brands and creators, aims to turn a single image into a stylized set for creating a stylized world. With a powerful and user-friendly interface, Recraft provides absolute freedom and total control to users for fine-tuning their designs.


  1. Easy Generation of Styles: From a single image, Recraft can generate a set of images sharing the same style. Users can also regenerate the images with slight style differences or combine multiple styles into an original one.
  2. Complete Color Control: Unique to Recraft, it provides tools for recoloring groups of colors, allowing users to maintain brand-consistent imagery.
  3. Text to Art: Recraft can convert plain text or simple visuals into a sophisticated design in mere minutes.
  4. Edit and Repaint with Lasso: The lasso tool allows for a range of editing possibilities - removal, reshaping, and replacing.This ensures images can be more deeply customized.
  5. Infinite Canvas: An intuitive workspace is available in the form of an infinite canvas. Users can create multiple images, add text, and use drag and drop features at will.

Use Cases

  1. Consistent Brand Design: Brands can use Recraft to create consistent and sophisticated designs across their entire visual portfolio, ensuring the maintenance of a specific brand image.
  2. Versatile Design Tools: With easy controls like the slide function, users can adjust the level of detail in their designs and create professional-quality graphics.
  3. Stylistic Iteration and Evolution: Users can continually iterate on their designs using Recraft's style evolution tools. This makes the platform ideal for design experimentation and discovery.
  4. Ideal for AI Designers: Many AI designers can find inspiration in Recraft's user community. It's an opportunity to explore new techniques and ideas and improve their own designs.
  5. Vector Logo Creation: Recraft can be used to create and generate vector logos and recolor groups of colors to maintain brand-consistent imagery.

Prompt type:

Generate image, Create illustration, Image Creation, Character Illustration, AI Image Magic, Cartoon Image Creation


Recraft.AI is an AI tool that empowers users to generate stunning vector art, illustrations, and 3D images. With its advanced capabilities, Recraft.AI offers precise control over color palettes, high-quality prints, easy editing, and a diverse range of artistic styles.

Origin: San Francisco, California