What can do:

Reclaim AI is an intelligent scheduling application designed specifically for teams looking to optimize productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance. The application utilizes AI technology to manage and integrate multiple calendars, schedule tasks, organize meetings, and maintain productivity levels among team members. The service is used by more than 260,000 people across 35,000 companies and is acclaimed for its useful features and impactful benefits.

Key Features

  1. Habits: This feature allows users to establish flexible routines to manage their work-life balance better.
  2. Task Scheduling: Reclaim AI allows users to integrate tasks directly into their calendars. This helps teams balance their workload effectively, meeting deadlines, and facilitating productivity.
  3. Smart Meetings: The AI empowers users to automate scheduling meetings at an optimal time that works for all team members.
  4. Calendar Sync: Helps in merging multiple calendars to minimize scheduling conflicts and improve collaboration within the team.
  5. Time Tracking Analytics: This feature allows users to analyze where they are spending their time across meetings, tasks, habits, breaks, and personal time. It enables them to identify their most productive days and how they can improve their work-life balance.

Use Cases

  1. Marketing: The AI application can help manage and track all marketing activities, thus improving marketing efficiency.
  2. Sales: Sales teams can book meetings faster, close more deals, and improve their productivity.
  3. Engineering: Engineers can protect 'no-meeting days' and get more done to meet their project deadlines.
  4. Human Resources: HR teams can use the app to prevent burnout, increase productivity, and optimally schedule meetings.
  5. Finance: The finance team can share their availability and auto-schedule meetings to improve their efficiency.

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Automate repetitive tasks, Automate work processes, Enhance productivity, Task Management

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Summary: is an AI-powered scheduling tool for companies. It uses a smart algorithm to automatically schedule tasks, agendas, and meetings while leaving room for flexibility. Furthermore, it defends your focus time and integrates your task list.

Origin: Portland, OR