Rask AI


What can do:

Rask AI is a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup that offers an advanced video localization and dubbing tool. Its main objective is to accelerate audio and video production for creators, educators, and global businesses, leveraging AI technology to streamline the content production process. Rask AI serves over 1.5 million clients, offering their services in numerous languages, demonstrating their capacity to handle a broad market spectrum.

Its services are particularly suited for different roles, including EdTech, marketers, content creators, podcasters, interviewers, businesses, L&D and human resources, gaming industry, Ecom and sales, and film dubbing. Clients have hailed the platform for its effectiveness, time- and cost-efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendliness.


  1. Transcribe YouTube video: Converts speech in YouTube videos to written text.
  2. Video Translator: Translates video content into multiple languages.
  3. Add subtitles: Attaches subtitles in desired languages to videos.
  4. Audio Translator: Converts spoken content from one language to another.
  5. Text-to-speech: Converts written text into natural human voices across various languages and accents using AI.

Use Cases

  1. Education Videos: Universities and educational platforms can use Rask AI to transcribe and translate their course materials, offering multilingual support for international students.
  2. Marketing: Marketers can use the dubbing tool to localize their content, reaching a more global audience.
  3. YouTube Multi-Language audio: YouTubers can have their videos translated and subtitled in multiple languages to attract viewers from different parts of the world.
  4. Content creation & distribution: Content creators can rely on Rask AI's text-to-speech feature to generate videos from scratch.
  5. Employee and Customers Training: Companies can use Rask AI to create multilingual training materials for their diverse workforce or customer base.

Prompt type:

Text to speech, Multimedia Content Creation and Enhancement, Add Subtitles, Translate Video, Transcribe YouTube video


Rask AI offers an AI-powered solution for video and audio localization, dubbing, and transcription. The tool supports translation and transcription in multiple languages, facilitating the creation and distribution of content for various uses like education, marketing, and game development.

Origin: Dover, DE