Puppetry - Animate faces using your own face


What can do:

Puppetry by ELBO AI is an AI startup that provides services to animate faces using your own face. With the aim of making animation easier and more accessible, Puppetry allows users to animate game characters, storyboard characters, or mid-journey images directly on their iPhones. The services offered by Puppetry eliminate the need for rigging, head gear, makeup, or long shoots, making the animation process quicker and more efficient.


  1. Three-tap Animation: Instead of spending weeks on animating, Puppetry enables users to animate a face with just three taps on their iPhones.
  2. Pro Voices for Text to Video: Puppetry offers professional voices for text-to-video functions, allowing users to generate high-quality voiceovers for their animated videos.
  3. Export Animation as PNG Frames: Users can export their animations as PNG frames and incorporate them into Adobe After Effects or any other preferred tool.
  4. Slow Motion Animation: Puppetry supports slow motion animation, giving users more creative flexibility in their animations.
  5. High FPS Animation: With Puppetry, users can create high frames per second (FPS) animations, ensuring smooth and realistic movements in their animated characters.

Use Cases

  1. Game Character Animation: Puppetry can be used to animate game characters, providing interactive and dynamic experiences for gamers.
  2. Storyboard Character Animation: By using Puppetry, users can animate characters in storyboards, bringing their narratives to life and enhancing storytelling.
  3. Midjourney Image Animation: Puppetry allows users to animate midjourney images, making them more engaging and captivating for viewers.
  4. Ad Mockup Storyboarding: Creative directors, such as Tyronne Schaffer, use Puppetry to create fun animated videos for ad mockups, helping them sell their creative vision to clients.
  5. Voice Over Auditions: Puppetry is also useful for voiceover artists who can use the service for their auditions. They can incorporate their voice samples into Puppetry animations and share them with the creative community.

To experience the services provided by Puppetry, users can download the Puppetry App from the App Store. The App offers both a free version and a Pro Mode, which provides additional features and capabilities for a one-time payment of $99. Additionally, Puppetry offers a Developer API for users interested in integrating Puppetry's services into their commercial applications.

Puppetry by ELBO AI aims to simplify the animation process and provide users with a powerful yet user-friendly tool for creating captivating animated content. The company emphasizes its commitment to customer satisfaction and offers support through direct Slack communication. With Puppetry, users can unleash their creativity and bring their animated characters to life effortlessly.

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Puppetry is an app that allows users to animate faces using their own face. It offers features like voice scripts, fast generation, export options, and more. Users have praised its ease of use and effectiveness in storytelling.